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Although I am no expert when it comes to snakes, this is what I do know about Rattlesnakes:

They are very poisonous, and if bitten, you need to call 911 immediately. Refer to links below for medical treatment.

They have an unmistakable head that is triangular in shape, and the base of which is much wider then the body.

Young rattlesnakes can evidently be more dangerous than adults, as they have a tendency to let out all of their venom instead of just a portion of it.

They are capable swimmers and are attracted to water in pools during the hotter months from April thru September. The problem is that once they get into the pool they have a hard time getting out, with the smaller ones usually getting sucked into the skimmer.

If you find one in your pool (and are in the pool), get out immediately. Call Animal Control and tell them there is a rattlesnake in your pool and they will come out to capture  it. Never attempt to catch a rattlesnake with your bare hands.

If you live in the foothills, snake fencing can be a good protection/prevention for ALL types of snakes.

Baby Pacific Rattlesnake found in Dos Vientos, Newbury Park on March 28, 2008, in the skimmer. It was barely alive when I found it and died about an hour later. It was approximately. 12” long.

The young of this species have a yellow tail, and this one had only 1 rattle.

All joking aside, rattlesnakes can be deadly, and though it’s uncommon to find them in a swimming pool, I have found two in pools since 1988. Both were babies, and both were in the skimmer. The first time, I was reaching into the skimmer to pull out a large clump of leaves and realized something was pulling back. Fortunately I had grabbed it’s tail, and the head was stuck in the skimmer flap, pointing out towards the pool. Had the snake been turned around I probably would have been bit. Unlike the one I found in March, this one was very much alive.

Below is some basic information about rattlesnakes and what to do if you find one.