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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q.Why don’t you add water to the pool if it’s low?

  1. A.For liability reasons I cannot do this. Just imagine if I forgot to turn it off and it did significant damage to your house or yard, or even your neighbors. Let me know if you go on vacation so special arrangements can be made.

  1. A.If it was necessary for me to add Muriatic Acid or liquid Chlorine into you pool, then the water needs to circulate for about 2-3 hours in order to properly mix the chemicals. Most newer control panels allow me to put the equipment in “Timeout” mode, whereby the pump will run for 3 hours and then switch back to Auto mode.

  1. Q.Why do you leave the pool equipment running when you’re done servicing the pool, even though the timer is set for it to be off?

  1. Q.What does that Splash & Dash symbol on your home page stand for?

  1. A.Splash & Dash refers to pool men (and women) who do not spend an adequate amount of time servicing the pool. They’re more interested in making money then doing a professional and thorough job.

  1. Q.You charged me for a bag of salt. Why did you need to put more into the pool?

  1. A.Salt leaves the pool for two reasons: 1). water gets splashed out, or 2). the water is diluted by overfilling the pool (or rain water). Most salt systems recommend that the salinity be maintained at 3000-3500 parts per million (ppm) in order to function correctly. I test the salinity every 4 weeks with a handheld digital meter, since the measurement given by the salt system is not usually as accurate, especially during the winter when the water is cold. 1 bag of salt will increase the salinity in a 15,000 gallon pool by 300 ppm. So if you have a 30,000 gallon pool and I measure the salinity to be 2600 ppm, I will need to add 3-4 bags of salt in order to bump it past 3000 ppm.

  1. Q.Is it true that my plastic skimmer lid needs to be replaced every 3 years?

  1. A.Yes. Plastic skimmer lids become brittle and prone to cracking over time. This can pose a safety hazard if someone steps on it and their foot goes through. The manufacturer recommends replacing them every 3 years in order to avoid injury.